Z Trader FX EA Review

Z Trader FX EA Review

Today on our forex expert advisors reviews website we are doing a Z Trader FX EA review. And this robot has been out for quite some time now, but because there are many conflicting feelings about it, we wanted to study it again. So, instead of just listening to the thoughts of other people, we wanted to examine this robot by ourselves! And we will explore and give you a very thorough look into all the things that you need to know before buying this robot, as always.

So let’s get started with the Z Trader FX EA Review to see whether this robot can be in our Best Forex Robot list or not!

What´s the Z Trader FX?

The Z Trader FX is quite a modern robot that functions on the Forex market automatically. As well as checking accounts from third-party websites like Myfxbook and FX Blue, this robot has several backtests available. And it has become very popular with all types of traders, from beginners to experts, since its introduction, because it provides a very simple way to trade. This EA is stable so far because it does not exchange using rules or features that will blow up your account. Instead, it deals with revolutionary algorithms that only operate where there are appropriate business conditions.

So let’s dive into details of Z Trader FX EA Review!

Z Trader FX Features

  • It runs only on the MT4 and it fits with any brokerage of your choosing.
  • This program is a fully integrated device.
  • You will search this robot’s entire backtesting past on the official website.
  • For every grid, martingale, a hedging technique, the Z Trader FX does not work. So, at all times, your account will be secure.
  • You can get 2 to 3 trial accounts available while buying this robot. So before diving in with real money, you can train with them.
  • The Z Trader FX only fits with the EURUSD currency pair.
  • This robot’s optimum drawdown ratio is about 35 percent when very unpredictable conditions are seen by the sector.
  • This robot does not start several trades every month. Instead, with the robot sensing a good and lucrative pattern, it just opens a few trades.

People that work behind the Z Trader FX EA

In this section of the Z Trader FX EA review, we are revealing all the information we will find about the team behind this robot. And we have to clarify, so far, that there’s not anything on the official webpage about them. The supplier reports, however, that its engineers worked on this robot for several years before it was released to the public. And on the sales side, they also have their findings for backtesting. So you can print them out from Myfxbook and FX Blue, as well as the checked results. You can also directly email them using the e-mail address they provide: ztraderfxea@gmail.com

So, as you can see, the answer to all questions and are very straightforward with their robot, while not having a lot of details.

z trader fx ea

Z Trader FX EA Trading Strategy

Finally, we got into the most crucial section of the Z Trader FX EA review, the trading strategy, and the overall performance of this EA while being on the Forex market. So the first thing to find out is that when dealing, this robot has a very limited drawdown, and it only opens trades when large gains are identified by the algorithm. And this is the key reason why Z Trader FX opens very few trades every month because, under volatile market conditions, it does not sell. So you should predict the highest drawdown amounts to be about 35 percent, which is nothing relative to the major gains you receive each month.

This software is entirely automated and although running on the Forex market, it operates with sophisticated algorithms. And when it comes to the sponsored currency pairs, only the EURUSD one is exchanged. But though having the highest income, it is built to run on the couple. There are several forex robots these days. In our Forex diamond EA review, we posted one of the better ones.

Also, note that the more money you pay the more you win, that’s why to run this robot requires a deposit of approximately USD 100 or 200 dollars. And the best thing about this EA is that when selling, your trading account will still be safe because it does not use any sort of grid, martingale, or hedging technique.

Prices & Packages Available

In this section of the Z Trader FX EA review, All the packages available on the official website are covered in depth. So we are revealing all the qualities, incentives, and prices of both of them. And we have to note that no offers are available at the moment to get all of these bundles. Although, ideally, the vendor will offer more discounts and promotions in the future to get this robot.

To get Z Trader FX, the two bundles available are:

First package

  • Deals with MT4 only.
  • Customer assistance is available.
  • Two real accounts.
  • Two demo accounts.
  • Membership for a whole life.
  • Free updates and upgrades.
  • Price: 117 USD

Second package

  • Works on MT4.
  • Customer assistance is available.
  • Three real accounts.
  • Three demo accounts.
  • Membership for the lifetime.
  • Free updates and upgrades.
  • Price: 137 USD

And when looking at all the various payment options we have, happily, all of them are available this time. So, via an international credit card such as Visa or Master Card, you can pay using your banking details. But, if you want to keep this data private, then you can still use PayPal! So, it is up to you to pick the one that suits you best.

Customer’s Feedback

For a continuous-time, constructive feedback applies to the robot selling profitably. One online critique is that whether you like more information about the FX robot or have trading questions, Z Trader vendors are not easy to work with.

Pros & Cons


  • The official backtest for this EA can be found on the website.
  • When dealing, the Z Trader FX does not use risky strategies.
  • This robot has FX Blue’s live and confirmed performance.


  • To work properly, you must deposit at least USD 100 or 200 for this EA.
  • This robot only exchanges currency pairs of EURUSD.

Conclusions Z Trader FX EA Review

So here is the end of the Z Trader FX EA review. So far, what do you think? Have you altered your opinion of his robot? We would conclude that when it comes to investing, all traders have different perspectives. So without testing it out yourself, you can’t let a few views describe a program. But thi is not the best forex robot out there. And note that this robot comes with at least 2 sample accounts that can be used on your actual account before trading. But, note also that the amazing effects of this robot’s success on Myfxbook or FX Blue can be seen. And if you want to see them too, you also get the backtests on the website!

Best Forex Robot
  • 100% Auto Trading
  • 24/7 Support
  • Standard, Adviced Settings
  • Tested and Proven Strategy

We are testing weekly new Forex Robots but last months this is for sure the best one. You can see the robot in action by watching the video.