mt4 power punch review

MT4 Power Punch Review

Welcome Back to our Forex Website. For Today’s article, we are doing the MT4 Power Punch Review. In this, we will discuss its prominent features, trading plans, the people behind, Good and bad sides, Prices/packages available, customer remarks, and lastly our final verdict about this EA. If you are interested to purchase this robot, then keep reading this article for sure!

So let’s get started with the MT4 Power Punch Review to see whether this can be in Our Best Forex Robot list or not!

What´s the MT4 Power Punch?

MT4 Power Punch EA works with a “price action phenomenon” technique. And, it is one of the few fully digital EAs in the industry that is capable of using this technique to make major profits. This program came out for the first time about 5 years ago. A lot of people gave it a chance as it debuted and had the expected effects. So, with the new configurations and features, the developers agreed to keep upgrading it. That’s pretty much how, even after so many years, this robot can still work at such a high rate of performance.

Fortunately, this robot is worth trying out because you will find many online backtests as well as FXBlue’s completely automatic results. But you get a promise that something is true, that they’re not using false information. And, you don’t have to worry if you’re not a forex trading specialist or if you’re just starting with this business. To help you achieve success in no time, this robot comes with a very detailed trading manual and several guides.

Let’s dive into details of the MT4 Power Punch Review!

MT4 Power Punch Features

In this section of the MT4 Power Punch Review, we will discuss the prominent features of this robot. So here they are

  • The EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, and USDCAD are the most valuable currency pairs.
  • Using 30 optimized Forex parameters, it runs.
  • There are around 14 different currency pairs available.
  • It has 18 optimized settings for the index when trading.
  • The “price action phenomenon” is considered the technique used.
  • To ensure that it has the right settings, this EA is revised every two or three months.
  • It just fits on the MT4.


punch ea

People who work behind the MT4 Power Punch

In this section of the Mt4 Power Punch Review, we will discuss the people and team who works behind this robot. So, this robot is created by the Forex company Expert4x. Alex Du Plooy is the director of this company and its offices are in Ireland. For decades now, this man has been a skilled Forex trader and coder. And he wanted to unleash his app after acquiring a lot of expertise. So far, Udemy courses, trading guides, webinars, signal indications, and digital EAs have been sold by this firm. Online, you can choose from a lot of their products! And don’t forget to also try out third-party websites’ checked data.

MT4 Power Punch Trading Strategy

In this part of the MT4 Power Punch Review, we will discuss the trading plans and strategies of this robot. The entire plan is, first of all, very basic and easy to understand. There’s no need to think about it all day because this robot is a completely automated Forex software. You can set it up once quickly and then tailor it to your specifications. And it serves around 14 currency pairs, as well as multi-currency currencies. Bear in mind, though, that these are not as profitable as others. It is important to share that you must use a good broker with this such as Libertex. For more info about this broker you can read this Libertex Review.

One notable point to note is that EA only does about 5 trades a month. The explanation for this is that the MT4 Power Punch only trades on the market under the right circumstances. So, it’s a huge deal for them to access a pattern or exchange. You’re more than aware that they’re both incredibly lucrative this way. This EA also uses index investing and has several settings that are tailored for it. And based on the currency pair, you can customize the timeframes you choose to use.

Prices and Packages Available

In this section of the MT4 Power Punch Review, we will disclose the prices and packages available for this robot. There’s just one kit already on the website. But, if you would prefer to buy more than just one robot, there are various deals.

Comes with this package:

  • Trading videos and guides.
  • Two real accounts that can be operated from two different computers.
  • Links to a member’s forum only.
  • Price: 135 USD

So far, they’re accepting PayPal, international credit cards, and even Bitcoin! So this is your opportunity, as soon as you can, to get this robot.

And, if you want to get all the Expert4x robots, you just have to pay USD 280 and you get an 80% discount!

Customer’s Feedback

Even though this robot is in the market for the last few months, there are no questions from customers on the website. On other platforms, we also do not found any harsh comments about this robot as well.

Pros & Cons


  • It has live-verified reports from the FXBlue firm.
  • To the advantage of the dealer, all functions, configurations, and trading modes are highly adjustable.
  • To boost performance, you can get free settings.
  • There is a single website for users where you can discover certain secrets and techniques to use.


  • On average, owing to the stringent entry requirements, there are just 5 trades a month per currency.

Conclusion MT4 Power Punch Review

So here is the end of this MT4 Power Punch Review. So far, there are many reasons why you should get this robot and give it a try. There are many other Forex EA Reviews websites who give similar details. But the only downside we can see is that it does very few trades a month. Although, you know already that all of those trades are already a big win. So if you are planning to buy this robot then don’t forget to give it a try first in DEMO for sure to know how things go for you!

Best Forex Robot
  • 100% Auto Trading
  • 24/7 Support
  • Standard, Adviced Settings
  • Tested and Proven Strategy

We are testing weekly new Forex Robots but last months this is for sure the best one. You can see the robot in action by watching the video.