libertex review

Libertex Review

Today we are writing a Libertex review, for this website called Forex Expert Advisors Reviews. So, we are starting the year off by proving you with more content about Forex. And, we believe you have heard about this broker before. But, if not, then this review is perfect for you right now! Libertex is a very popular software these days, and we have tried it before. And, after getting some impressive results, we decided to share it with you!

So, in this Libertex review, you will find all the things, information, and tips about this software. This way you can get started using it as soon as you can! Trust us, the earlier you start the more positive results you will get. Also, this broker allows its clients to fully customize their experience and outcome. So, your level of success depends on you. And, you can make the most out of this service as you please.

What´s Libertex about?

Libertex is one of the most known Forex companies up to date. Since 1997 the launched and broker service to the public. And they have managed to remain relevant even after so many years. But how did they achieve this? Well, we all know already that most companies stop being relevant after a while. But, these people managed to overcome that situation by upgrading their software countless times. At the moment this company has over 2 million clients all around the world. And all of their clients are always mentioning how incredible their services are. So, don´t miss out on this opportunity!

Apart from their amazing services, Libertex is a highly trusted international account with many years of experience. And they have a good reputation for giving amazing customer support and listening to their clients. So, when you work with them there is nothing to worry about, these people are trustworthy.

libertex owner

Company Details Overview

We mentioned above in this Libertex review some facts about this company already. But, we have yet to mention all the story behind it, location, and important details. So, the first thing to mention is this company is based in Limassol, Cyprus. If you haven´t heard about this place before, it is in the Mediterranean. You can find their whole address on the website tough. And these people also work on their software alongside the Libertex Group, which is an exclusive Forex firm. So, from what you can see, this company is very trustworthy and reliable.

Regulations and Laws

We can´t give you this Libertex review without talking about the laws and regulations involved with it. So, at the moment this company has insurance and other companies available for this stuff. And thankfully, they are fully transparent with this topic as they know how crucial it is. The businesses that work with Libertex about this topic are the Financial Services Commission, for the security of your investments. And also the Cyprus Security Exchange Commission, which protects you as a trader and investor. So, these two different companies combined keep you safe just in case you get legal problems. But, remember that if you can trade with Libertex in your country it means it´s legally approved. So, don´t worry about anything and just focus on your trades.

And just in case you need more detailed information about this topic, remember you can check their website. Or even better, you can get in touch with this company if you need to! So feel free to do as you please, because they do care about their clients.

Trading Platforms Supported

As we are getting deeper and deeper with this Libertex review, we are now disclosing their platforms supported! So, for now, this software doesn’t support the MT5 platform. But, the MT4 is fully supported and you can trade everything! How cool is that? Also, you can fully customize your layout to your liking. And you can choose from the basic MT4 one of the ones Libertex created for their users. Also, don´t worry about the fact the MT5 platform is not supported just yet. Remember that this broker has had hundreds of different updates throughout the years. So, it´s more than likely this other platform will be supported very soon.

Don´t forget that your possibilities are endless when you work with this company. So don´t let anything limit you or your trading goals.

And guess what? If you were wondering how to get started with this software is easy! Just log in on the website, create an account, submit the information you need, and you are all set! It´s as easy as that. And don´t forget to provide the right information to request your payments and make deposits. Remember that this information is crucial because you need to choose the right account for you to get started. So far you can choose from a basic trading account and a professional Forex trading account. Meanwhile, to get a normal account you just need to deposit EUR 100. So, keep that in mind before getting started with Libertex.

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Assets & Markets

For this Libertex review, we have yet to disclose the things about the different assets you can trade with this software. And here´s a little hint: there are hundreds to choose from! So, you can choose from over 213 different assets. And there are more than 150 settings to customize your experience the best way possible. Many exclusive assets are available for all users too! And many more surprises, so you have to get this software as soon as possible so you don´t miss out!

Currently, with this broker, you can trade hot assets, oil, gas, many different commodities, and cryptocurrency. And exclusive stocks, ETFs, agriculture, and metals are supported as well. So, even if you are a very picky trader, you will find something to trade with! And another amazing thing is you can sort out all the different assets through categories. For example, there´s health, technology, medicine, education, telecommunications, and more! Also, this software supports cannabis, Google, Testa Motors, and Coca-Cola. So as you can tell, Libertex is going strong with their game! No other service can compare to them at this point.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

This topic can be quite a concern for so many traders before they get started. That´s why in this Libertex review we are going to clarify all the things you need to know about it. To be upfront with you, this is very simple, there´s nothing to worry about. So, remember when we mentioned above that to get started you only needed to make the first deposit? Well, just deposit the EUR 100 into your standard account. And make sure you use a system that is supported by the site.

And the process to withdraw all your money is super easy too! You just need to fill a request from the server online and wait for your funds to be transferred into your account. But, keep in mind that you need to be careful about what time you do this request. The Libertex team only works during working hours. So, if you go past that time, then you will have to wait until the next day to get your money.

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Libertex Mobile Apps Available

As we have disclosed, Libertex is an incredible company that is always innovating its services somehow. So, of course, they have a mobile app! How amazing is that? This allows you to trade and keep track of your account no matter you are. So it´s a game-changer for all traders who also have a normal job or something else. And you might be wondering already how you can get it, right? It´s very simple. Just get into your phone or tablet and search for it on the Google Store or App Store. But if you can´t find it, just search for it on the official Libertex website. You can download it from there too!

The benefits of having a trading mobile app are endless, and also you get no limitations either. Do you know why? You can withdraw your money, enter new trades, exit ones, and make deposits from the app. So far, there´s nothing you can´t do. And you are the only one in charge of what you wish to accomplish with your account. So make sure you make the most of it and get all the benefits available.

Libertex Accepted Countries and Languages

Above in this Libertex review, we mentioned this one is an international account with clients from everywhere. And at the moment, this software is fully available with laws and regulations in over 2o countries. So, let´s talk about each one of these, and let´s see if your country is supported as well!

Libertex Europe accepts clients from the European Economic Area. Libertex International from all around the world with some exceptions. But, if your country is not here yet don´t get discouraged. Libertex is working on expanding their market much further. So in no time, you will be able to use this broker yourself.

And about the not supported countries, those are the USA, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa. Also New Zealand, the Russian Federation, and Canada are not supported either.

Libertex Customer Service

As we are approaching the end of this Libertex review, our team tried and tested their customer support service. So far, the experience was refreshing and very pleasant. This company does take good care of their clients. And we know this information is crucial for many traders because customer support isn´t always the best. But, that´s not the case with this company! You got many different options if you need to get in touch with these people. So it´s up to you to choose which one to use. At the moment, Whatsapp, Skype, Line Chat, phone calls, Facebook, and all of their social media are available. And if you want you can also go to their headquarters, or you can just fill in a report and they will contact you as soon as they can.

Benefits and Drawbacks

This is a summary of the pros and cons you get from using Libertex as your main broker.


  • There are demo accounts available.
  • Libertex is a fully regulated company with many laws and regulations that protect you.
  • Their customer support is great and they take their time helping clients.
  • You get hundreds of different assets and settings to customize your experience with them.


  • MT5 nog supported

Conclusions Libertex Review

Already we highlighted everything you needed to know about in this Libertex review. But, we want to hear your thought about it! What do you think about it so far? For us, it´s an amazing choice for traders of all levels in this business. And it is especially a good choice for those who are seeking to expand their trading portfolios. So, everyone can easily benefit from this company, despite what their intentions are. And you will see those results quickly in your account as well.

So, from what you can see, we do recommend this company and this service. Since using it we have had a positive outcome and there are many advantages you get. And for us, the best part is being able to get a full personalized experience for each trader. We know that most experienced traders will benefit from these customizable features and trading modes. So, it´s a win-win situation for everyone!

Please share this Libertex review with someone else and let us know your feedback as well!

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