FxStabilizer EA Review

FxStabilizer EA Review

Welcome to Our Forex Website. For today’s article, we are doing FxStabilizer EA Review. In this article we will discuss what is it, its prominent features, trading strategies, people behind this, prices/packages available, good and bad sides, customer remarks, and lastly out Final verdict on this robot. So if you are planning to buy this robot then keep reading this article.

Let’s get started with the FxStabilizer Review, to see whether this can be in our Best Forex Robot list or not!

What is FxStabilizer EA?

FxStabilizer EA is a well-known Forex automated robot that trades on your trading account on its own. The developers say that this robot is capable of earning a very stable income plus profits every single day according to the official website. They promise impressive reliability and longevity with a small breakdown in the ever-changing trading environment. Also, this robot works with 2 different mode settings:

  1. Durable: Reliable and very secure benefit.
  2. Turbo: Extremely lucrative but highly dangerous.

So, depending on your capital and trading policy, you are free to set up the robot to work on your chosen decisions.

Let’s dive into details of the FxStabilizer Review!

FxStabilizer EA Features

In this section of the FxStabilizer EA Review, we will discuss the prominent features of this robot. So here they are:

  • It has 100 percent automatic programming for trading.
  • It is nice to the tenderfoot (provides an easy structure to implement)
  • This robot has settings that are completely streamlined.
  • Day-to-day customer service administration.
  • It also deals, as it were, with explicit combinations.
  • It is correlated with Algorithmic trading with an outstanding Forex process.

FxStabilizer EA

People who work behind FxStabilizer EA

In this section of FxStabilizer EA Review, we will discuss the people and team who bring this robot to market. So there are no official details about the makers, owners, locations, or creators of this Forex robot on the official web page. Yet, on our own, we wanted to investigate. The website states that since 2015, this company has launched FxStabilizer and has been operating beautifully until today. Since then it also claims it has brought steady profits without any kind of failures or losses. We also figured out that the robot was designed and run by the Forex Store’s creators. For Forex, this business owns several other EAs, such as Forex Spectre, Strong Forex, and FX Charger. But there is absolutely no detail about these other items on the official website. For a robot that has been out since 2015 to function without any losses, it seems rather unrealistic.

FxStabilizer EA Trading Strategy

In this section of FxStabilizer EA Review, we will discuss the trading plans and strategies on which this robot works. So this robot trades naturally on your trading account in the same way as others after you select your favorite settings. It provides an entirely steady profit every day with every exchange along these lines. Since it calculates the desirable opportunity to enter trading to achieve the most cash, a good part is that using FxStabilizer you can get a lot of protection. For each of your trade-in in the trading market, it is furnished with a deeply secure portion. The official site states: “FxStabilizer is not likely to be the most super-productive, but the most reliable.”

As far as everyone knows, it’s intended to protect you from losing a lot of high-hazard trading cash. FxStabilizer EA works with up to 8 different monetary requirements for trading. These are as follows EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, EURGBP, CHFJPY, and GBPCHF, respectively. We agree that stating that the developers have a significant disclaimer almost at the last piece of the page is very critical. Also, they use aid and obstruction marker mt4. Besides, this robot has two distinctive working parts, as we referenced towards the beginning of this FxStabilizer EA audit. A Durable mode that works best on secure, not all the dangerous advantages and a specifically manufactured Turbo mode to bring capital with various hazards included in higher trading. The robot does not have a much greater understanding of these methods, so the aim is to keep it on alert.

Prices and Packages Available

In this section of FxStabilizer EA Review, we will discuss the prices/packages available for this robot. So you can find the robot in 2 separate software packs that you can choose from on the official FxStabilizer EA website.

FxStabilizer Pro

  • Operations on eight currency pairs
  • Contains all Ultimate Version functionality
  • Works on every MT4/MT5 intermediary
  • Includes FxStabilizer EURUSD
  • It Includes FxStabilizer AUDUSD and
  • Includes FxStabilizer Unlocked
  • Price: 739 USD

FxStabilizer Ultimate

  • Trading in six currency pairs
  • Uses control of hard drawdowns
  • Includes Modes Durable and Turbo
  • Works on every MT4/MT5 intermediary
  • It Includes FxStabilizer EURUSD and
  • FxStabilizer AUDUSD
  • Price: 539 USD

By buying any of the pieces, you will get:

  • 1 EA unrestricted license for the MT4/MT5 account, the amount of which you can alter easily, as many times as you like, in your place.
  • Get extensive User Manuals
  • Trained and friendly technical support for our customers 24/7.
  • The updates that you get for free and for life.

Note: You will get two different licenses if you buy the Pro edition of EA: FXStabilizer Pro and FXStabilizer Unlocked.

Customer’s Feedback

We’ve compiled a lot of client reviews. Most customers leave negative feedback on FxStabilizer EA. They have reported that the findings published on the official website indicate that the robot’s performance cannot be met on their own. We have even found that they no longer have as many clients.

Pros and Cons


  • Absolute 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • There is large resource information in this EA.
  • It has a cycle of Day Trading.
  • Verified results on Myfxbook.


  • It offered no detail about the company.
  • Usually, this EA is costly.
  • It has a questionable foundation.

Conclusion FxStabilizer EA Review

So here is the end of the FxStabilizer EA Review. This is not the best forex robot off 2020. But after a thorough analysis, we can say that FX Stabilizer provides a verified trading result that appears on Myfxbook, but after all, we do not find the robot to be very trustworthy because clarity about the robot company is very necessary for buyers to position trust, which is missing. Also, for beginners, this robot is costly. So if you are planning to purchase this robot, don’t hesitate to give it a try to see how things are going for you in DEMO!

Best Forex Robot
  • 100% Auto Trading
  • 24/7 Support
  • Standard, Adviced Settings
  • Tested and Proven Strategy

We are testing weekly new Forex Robots but last months this is for sure the best one. You can see the robot in action by watching the video.