fxgoodway ea review

FxGoodWay EA Review

Welcome back to our Forex Website. For today’s article, we are doing a FxGoodWay EA Review. In this, we will discuss its basic features, Trading plans, Good and bad sides, prices and packages available, Customer Feedback, and lastly our verdict on this robot. So if you want to purchase it, then keep reading this article.

Let’s get started with the FxGoodWay EA Review to see whether this can be in our Best Forex Robot list or not!

What is FxGoodWay EA?

FxGoodWay is an EA trading robot that automatically opens and closes trades on its own after you have determined the preferred strategy settings, much like every other exchange on your trading account. Compared to the approach of another robot, the developers state the income will be steady and very stable. This is a good EA for many individuals to try the many functions and adjustable settings it entails. For both beginners and experts working in the trading industry, it is a good option so far.

FxGoodWay EA has been built to run with the lowest chance of mega-high earnings, meaning you can have a steady profit every week without covered drawdowns and unprofitable trading months. This helps the robot to both open and close fully viable positions after evaluating the existing market environment to start selling as quickly as possible.

Finally, this EA has an amazing algorithm that helps you to transact through several sessions concurrently, so your earnings can rise very dramatically.

Let’s dive into details of the FxGoodWay EA Review!

People, who work behind FxGoodWay EA?

In this section of the FxGoodWay EA Review, we will discuss the people and team behind this robot. Unfortunately, we didn’t find accurate results. There is simply no detail on the official website about the persons behind this EA, nor where they come from or anything like that. We know that integrity plays a big role when working with Forex EAs to find more clients, but these developers are losing lots of customers because of the lack of knowledge about them. This could be a negative sign to encounter at first because just in case anything goes wrong, there is still no contact information or email address. However, this information could be available to consumers after payment. The only detail seen on the FxGoodWay EA website is that the team behind the robot’s production and development is very positive about the overall success of the device. Primarily because of the 4 years of backtesting they did to the public before releasing it.

Features of FxGoodWay EA

In this section of the FxGoodWay EA Review, we will discuss the important features of this robot.

  • With each exchange, this Forex robot offers constant and stable benefits.
  • By using mathematical algorithms, it provides simultaneous trading.
  • There are 2 separate collections and 17 trading patterns.
  • This only deals with EURUSD currency pairs.
  • Fits with auto-risk assessment for secured trading.
  • This robot uses the Grid Trading Technique.
  • A full money return guarantee scheme is also available.

fxgoodway ea

FxGoodWay EA Trading Strategy

In this part of the FxGoodWay EA Review, we will discuss the trading plans and strategies behind this robot. Smooth profit, multi-session logic, and auto risk estimation are features of this EA. For traders, this so-called multi-session can be very useful because it analyses the demand and finds the right time to continue. It also determines whether to use other sessions at the same time would be useful or not for the present state of the business. They use one of the better forex metrics out there, too.

Centered on a grid approach, the FxGoodWay EA was made to operate only on the EURUSD currency. Like many others, due to what you choose to do with the bot for both the long-term and short-term, you can select the settings for your preferred plan. A downside we learned is that this EA only deals for M4 accounts, and there is also no defined timeline for any of the functions.

So far, we can see the app runs about 40-50 times a month with the findings displayed on the FxGoodWay EA website, and the winning ratio is around 70 percent. On the other hand, a second modified version of the first robot named FxGoodWay X2 EA was launched by the FxGoodWay EA developers. Apart from having all the settings and awesome tactics from the first one, this new robot has a very special feature. You may still use Telegram Forex signals. Now, however, 17 patterns come with 2 distinct sets to choose from. You can now get one set on while the other is off, you can turn on one and turn off the other, or you can simultaneously have both on to trade. Meaning, there are 10 patterns in total on set 1 and 7 patterns on setting 2.


In this section of the FxGoodWay EA Review, we will discuss the prices/packages available for this robot. So, for this product, we have found that the official website currently has 1 bid. It is called FxGoodWay X2 EA, the second upgraded robot.

You’ll also get the original FxGoodWay EA with the purchase of the robot, so you can pick which one to deal with. Then you just plan to start trading immediately for both sets!

FxGoodWay X2 EA comes with

  • FxGoodWay Original.
  • 1 license for every account with M4.
  • No limits on transferring accounts.
  • Alerts for Free.
  • Help for customers.
  • Steady benefits per week.
  • Price: 365 USD.
  • Money-back guarantee in 30 days

To begin operating in the ever-changing business conditions, you need USD 700 in your account. And for many individuals, particularly beginners who do not have a lot of money to invest from the outset, this is not feasible.

Customer’s Feedback

Strangely, there was no customer feedback on the website from the maker of the robot. We have not yet been able to find credible consumer reviews on further studies. Even though this EA has been on the market since 2017, the lack of consumer ratings is strange.

Pros and Cons


  • Select if you would like to trade with FxGoodWay or FxGoodWay X2.
  • Free updates and many characteristics to choose from.
  • The logic of multi-session.
  • The free demo account can be tried.
  • 30-day guarantee for money-back.
  • Stable earnings.
  • High winning rate.


  • It operates with M4 accounts only.
  • EURUSD is the only currency available.
  • No time-frame information.
  • To work, IT requires USD 700.
  • Has Grid Strategy

Conclusions Fx GoodWay EA Review

So here is the end of this FxGoodWay EA Review. Well, with the results shown on the official website by the developers, this robot seems to be quite trustworthy so far. But, unfortunately, there isn’t any information about the creators. Overall, the entire strategy behind the 17 characteristics with 2 sessions from which you can alternate is really good.

Best Forex Robot
  • 100% Auto Trading
  • 24/7 Support
  • Standard, Adviced Settings
  • Tested and Proven Strategy

We are testing weekly new Forex Robots but last months this is for sure the best one. You can see the robot in action by watching the video.