Forex Pro Island Review

Today on our website we are doing Forex Pro Island review, a modern autonomous robot, which was published a while ago, was very divisive. So, this time we will explain whether or not this EA is a reasonable investment decision to make for this blog post. And we are going to get to all the most relevant subjects, pieces, and so on to do so. So make sure that if you are interested in buying it in the future, you pay careful attention to this Forex Pro Island Review. And to see that whether this robot can in our Best Forex Robot List or not.

So, let´s began already!

What´s the Forex Pro Island?

A fully integrated Forex trading system for the MT4 network is the Forex Pro Island. It came out a while ago and since then it has been very divisive and when it comes to its results, several individuals have lost ratings. But no worries, we’re going to find out today whether it’s a good EA or not, so we’re sharing all the little information about it. There are still far too many positive things to tell about this robot, like when you work alone with this robot, you will get huge money. The key explanation that it can gain such great performance when trading is the characteristics and settings it comes with.

Another cool thing to note is that you can see on the official sales page a lot of the checked and live results given by the seller. And if you want to be sure about its plan and results, you should check them out, which, to say the least, seems amazing.

So let’s dive into details of Forex Pro Island Review!

Forex Pro Island Features

  • When running, this machine does not repaint.
  • Any of the most significant aspects of success may be personalized.
  • In between trades, the Forex Pro Island timeframe is 1-hour.
  • All significant currency pairs are provided by this method. But the only one that is most profitable is the EURUSD pair.
  • It’s a fully electronic trading device of Forex.
  • A fully adaptive algorithm for all business environments comes with this robot.
  • Different trading types exist, but you can pick the one that fits your strategy better.
  • To close all trades at a full profit, it uses take-profit tracking and stop-loss.

People who work behind the Forex Pro Island

For most merchants, understanding who the people working behind a robot are is important. That’s why, in this Forex Pro Island Review, I wanted to talk about the developers. And we can even find a lot of items about them on the official website. The business selling this robot is full of talented coders and engineers as well as distributors, they say. And they have spent years designing this program to achieve the highest possible results of their algorithms.

And the robot’s key developer is a guy named Andrew, from the famous Andrew’s Trading Channel YouTube videos. He is also the director of the Trading Academy of Income Tutor Box Day, which is believed to be one of the best online academies to learn about Forex. So, as you can see, this guy doesn’t play because, as he did in the past, he did great work with Forex Pro Island.

Forex Pro Island Trading Strategy

We will study the whole strategy of this EA for this part of the Forex Pro Island review. So this robot supports, first of all, all the big currency pairs available on the MT4. Still, mostly because this system is the most profitable, the developers propose operating with the EURUSD pair. Depending on what you choose to achieve with it, it has many trading forms and risks that you can pick from. And it also uses such functions, such as stop-loss, an algorithm that is entirely adaptable to all business conditions. Any of the features it uses to protect your assets and your account when selling are both take-profit and assets management. Are they using the best indicators for intraday? That we can not confirm.

When it comes to information such as the timeframe between trades, it is mostly 1 hour, but the risk is lower when dealing. And multi-currency assistance. Even, when selling, this robot does not paint again.

Prices & Packages Available

In this section of the Forex Pro Island Review, we must provide you with all the information related to the online deals and available bundles. So, there is only one deal for a one-time charge on the official sales page right now, which is awesome. We all assume that there are no unnecessary costs to pay to get the full characteristics and efficiency because there is only one bid for an EA. So, this kit is provided with:

  • Full features, settings, trading modes, and customization.
  • Cash-back guarantee.
  • Customer assistance available 24/7.
  • Price: 299 USD

And this time, the payment options available are the traditional ones. Use any overseas credit card of your choosing or PayPal to pay.

Customer’s Feedback

Many people come to our website and ask us how we can say that, although there is a lot of good feedback on the internet, Forex Pro Island or some related software is a fraud. That is because there are several blogs and YouTube channels for scammers who create these illegal trading networks where they post their false reviews. The YouTube Andrew channel with a clown who keeps posting fake videos and encouraging investing fraud is one of their new fraud.

Again, you do not need to believe us. Trust independent financial regulators, contact your country’s one and ask them not just about Forex Pro Island, but also about the Andrew Channel and the other mechanism that he’s pushing.

Pros & Cons


  • After your deposit, this robot comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • On the official sales page of this EA, there are checked results from Myfxbook.


  • Elevated rates.

Conclusion Forex Pro Island Review

So here is the end of the Forex Pro Island review, we may assume that all the compiled data reveals how amazing this robot is. So, you have to try it yourself to see how it works using your strategy, despite some people getting mixed opinions about it. And note that the live and validated data from Myfxbook can still be checked out!

Best Forex Robot
  • 100% Auto Trading
  • 24/7 Support
  • Standard, Adviced Settings
  • Tested and Proven Strategy

We are testing weekly new Forex Robots but last months this is for sure the best one. You can see the robot in action by watching the video.